Episode 106 - Zae Romeo

Zae had a rocky start to life, but he always found comfort in music. At 3 years old, Zae and his siblings were placed into foster care but were eventually all adopted into one family. He started singing, and when he got older, he began performing at local coffee shops.
At 16, Zae got in trouble at school and was afraid of disappointing his parents, so he ran away and tried to make it on his own by busking on the streets. He finally understood unconditional love when he came across his face on a missing person poster and decided to return home to his family. Zae now teaches music and art to kids, leads worship at his church and is working on building a relationship with his birth mother.
Most recently, Zae was a 4 chair turn and finished Top 17 on Season 20 of The Voice. During his time on The Voice, he was fortunate to work with Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas and Snoop Dogg. 
Bradley enjoys being able to teach people how to use their phones and computers, but he’s ready to start taking his lifelong love of music seriously. He recently quit his job and moved to Nashville in the hope of jumpstarting his music career. Earlier this year, Bradley was featured on Season 20 of The Voice on Team Nick.