Music Picks

I listen to a lot of music and love finding new artists to support. In this section, I’ll be sharing my favorite new releases. Please make sure to follow and support the artists if you’re diggin the music (Which I know you will)

May 2024 Releases

  1. “BET” by Mette – An energetic and upbeat track that combines nu-disco vibes with a sense of fun.
  2. “Oceanside” by Satin Jackets and Tailor – This song has a chill groove with a dreamlike quality.
  3.  “Grateful” by Mumu Fresh – A funky, soulful and jazzy track about appreciating life.
  4. “The Way She Wants” by Giacomo Turra and Nic Hanson – This song lifts your mood with its groovy and vibey essence.
  5. “Spirit in My Heart” by Lenny Kravitz – A melodic and vulnerable love song. One of my favorites from his new album.

April 2024 Releases

  1. “Oh Well” by Slash and Chris Stapleton – An energetic song filled with an impressive fusion of country and rock.
  2. “Out Of Touch” by Ninetails – A catchy and modernized EDM rendition of the 80’s Hall and Oates classic.
  3. “Chronic Lovers” by Daebull and HolyBrune – A fun groovy nu-disco track, Holybrune’s vocals are angelic and reminiscent of Aaliyah’s.
  4. “Prison Of The Mind” by Sunny Lax – This hard hitting EDM song echoes the vibes of Paul Van Dyk and takes you on an immersive journey.
  5. “Queen” by Gramatik, Eric Krasno and Nigel Hall – A lively, upbeat track infused with bluesy funk.

March 2024 Releases

  1. “symptom of life” by Willow – The piano flows seamlessly through the song and the harmonies are exceptional. I hear elements of Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Hiatus Kaiyote.
  2. “Human” by Lenny Kravitz – The instrumental exudes an 80s synth-pop vibe, complementing the song’s focus on embracing authenticity and living your truth.
  3. “Body Heat” by Dabeull and HolyBrune – This track brings back memories of 80’s funk and groove, and I’m loving the synth elements.
  4. “No Angels” by Justin Timberlake – A catchy nu disco pop song that channels the energy of a Dua Lipa hit.
  5. “So Hi” by KREAM – A powerhouse tech house track that should be played loudly at Ultra Music Festival.

February 2024 Releases

  1. “Lovers In A Past Life” by Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man – Rory’s powerful vocals transition from a heartfelt ballad to a catchy edm groove, seamlessly blending emotion and rhythm.
  2. “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by Jojo – This REO Speedwagon cover is a moving ballad featuring orchestral arrangements.
  3. “Skip” by Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello – Driven by its pulsating edm bassline and beat, this track captivates with its electrifying rhythm.
  4. “Blue Angels” by The Fearless Flyers – A vibrant and upbeat song with funky rhythms and feel good vibes.
  5. “Training Season” by Dua Lipa – This track is a lively and catchy pop anthem, inspired by a bunch of bad dates.

January 2024 Releases

  1. “Luther” by D. Lylez – This soulful track pays homage to Martin Luther King Jr., capturing his legacy with honesty and heartfelt emotion. D was featured on Episode 11Episode 120 and Episode 191 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  2. “Miles On My Broken Heart” by Allie McIntosh – An upbeat synthpop song that confronts the challenges in a relationship. Allie was featured on Episode 200 and Episode 214 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  3. “Triumph” by Bishop Briggs – This song steadily grows in intensity, delivering a raw and powerful narrative of overcoming obstacles.
  4. “yes, and?” by Ariana Grande – An empowering pop track that encourages self-confidence, echoing Madonna’s “Vogue”.
  5. “I’m In Love With You” by Fred Falke, Zen Feeman and Ampersounds – An vibrant and energizing nu disco groove that radiates joy.