Episode 114 - Denisha Dalton

In the 6th grade, Denisha turned in a last minute journal entry for a reading assignment and as a surprise to her ELA teacher raved to the class saying, “This is the best one I’ve ever read. I could hear and feel her every word! I felt like I was experiencing the reading all over again.” At this moment, Denisha knew her voice and held power, so she began pouring it into her music. Being so open and unapologetically true to herself with her emotions through music has not only shaped Denisha into who she is as a person, but also influenced her artistry and what she stands for as NISH, the raw and authentic artist from the burbs of New York.
Her R&B fused Pop sound not only makes any listener feel all the feels, but also encourages a strong, confident, sense of self. While always leading with love and compassion, NISH finds no hesitation making music that reminds herself and all of her supporters to forget what everybody else has to say and break free from the shackles of what is thought to be THE way. Make your own niche. BE your own NISH. 
Following her own advice has landed NISH on stages like NBC’s The Voice, New Day Associates All Star Fashion Weekend, Belmont University MLK Celebration, Melissa County Celebration of Freedom Festival, and more. With every experience, NISH continues to grow, learn, and pour into those around her as much as they do her. For NISH, this is what keeps music alive.