Episode 121 - Cyniah Elise

Cyniah Elise is a Singer/Songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Cyniah comes from a musical family and started singing at 2 years old in church. As a child, She grew up singing and performing at churches, talent shows, and as of 2020, American Idol.
Cyniah Elise is inspired by all types of music and feels each genre has a beautiful story to tell. An original song that she loves and holds close to her heart is “Mirror”. A beautiful song about self love that will be featured on her album.
Her dream is to win a Grammy, sell out tours and be a great artist. She was honored to be featured on one of her favorite shows of all time, American Idol. Cyniah sang “You Are The Reason” by Callum Scott for the judges. “I wanna tell you, that was an excellent performance, you remind me very much of watching the phenomenon Whitney, when she first came up” said Lionel Richie about her Idol audition.
Since American Idol, Cyniah has been working on original music and released her single “Last Chance” in 2020.