Episode 148 - Caroline Reilly

Caroline Reilly is a vocalist and musician living in North Atlanta. She fell in love with singing at a young age and grew up with an eclectic taste in music, which shaped her into the musician she is today. 
At the age of 13, Caroline started taking vocal and guitar lessons as well as performing in classic rock cover bands around Atlanta. The following year, She started to focus more on herself as an individual artist and decided to start playing in an acoustic duo. In 2018, Caroline attended the Berklee College of Music Vocal Summit and Songwriting Workshop. As a result of her superior performance, She was awarded a full tuition scholarship to attend the world renowned Berklee 5 Week summer program the following year. 
In 2019, Caroline had the opportunity to audition for Season 17 of NBC’s “The Voice”. She sang “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane for her audition and landed a spot on Gwen Stefani’s team. Caroline was honored to work closely with Gwen Stefani and Will.i.am during her time on the show.  
It’s safe to say that 18 year old Caroline is definitely bringing the edge and angst back to pop music. Reilly’s new music brings back subtle waves of early 2000’s pop punk while also adding her own personal touch to it. “I try to write music that expresses the way love can both break you down and build you up. I truly believe that nobody is the same person after heartbreak. You learn a lot about yourself and become a stronger individual.” Says Caroline.