Episode 15 - Kerry Kathleen

“Music chose me. I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I knew from the age of two, that I wanted to sing. When I got older, I knew I was meant to make music, it was just so innate. I tried other paths, but when I did, music just pulled me back and made me happier than anything else in this world. It’s absolutely what I’m meant to do. Music can heal. I want to heal..”

As a child, Kerry Kathleen would be told she “sang too much” even as her family grew up with a home full of instruments. As Kerry grew older and her talent stronger, she began to admire her father’s love of music. 

She started gigging in small clubs, which helped her explore sounds, styles of music and really kick started her writing of songs. Life’s natural pressure, its relationships, hurt, anguish and its joy all provided intimate unique experiences that Kerry would pour out when writing. 

So as Kerry healed, she wants to also provide the support to help others heal. In a big world full of turmoil, life can slow down with a song… and Kerry Kathleen writes those songs!