Episode 155 - D Train

D Train is a Singer/Songwriter who rose to fame in the early 1980’s with the release of his first album “You’re the One for Me”, which spawned his first US Billboard Dance chart number-one hit, “You’re the One for Me”. His debut album with Hubert Eaves, would also chart with the hits “Keep On” and “Walk on By”. The albums, Music and Something’s on Your Mind were released before he signed to Columbia Records.

He would go on to work with Eaves producing hits on the follow-up albums Music and Something’s on Your Mind before being signed to Columbia Records, producing the albums, Miracles of the Heart and In Your Eyes. The two parted ways In 1988 and D Train went on to perform on his own label, releasing the album, 701 Franklin Ave. 

In 1997, The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Sky’s the Limit” sampled part of D Train’s song “Keep On”.

D Train hosted his own show on SiriusXM’s Heart & Soul channel from 2001-2008, Some notable guests included Lionel Richie, Roberta Flack, John Legend, Chaka Khan and Alicia Keys.

He continues to make music and play live shows.