Episode 156 - Elisa Fiorillo

Elisa Fiorillo began singing at the age of 6. Most of her childhood was spent in musical theater as well as going on auditions for commercials.
In 1985, Elisa performed and won “Star Search”. From there, She went on to record with Chrysalis Records and her first album, “Elisa Fiorillo” debuted in 1988. She also had a Top 10 dance hit with Jellybean Benitez titled, “Who Found Who” which took her on a worldwide promotional tour.
Elisa performed at the Budakon Arena and won an award for Best New Artist at the Tokyo Music Festival. In 1991, She released her second album “I Am” that was recorded at Paisley Park Studios. Record producer David Z. and Prince produced the album. Elisa’s first single “On The Way Up” peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.
While recording in Minneapolis, Elisa lent her talents on a few Prince songs including “Love Machine” with Morris Day, “Party Man”, “Daddy Pop” and “Walk”. As a background vocalist, Elisa toured with the band Savage Garden for the “Affirmation Tour 2000” and “Billie Myers”.
Elisa hadn’t spoken to Prince in 20 years but what mattered to him was the friendship he cultivated with her back in 1990. In 2009, Prince called her and said he wanted to work together. He hired Elisa to come to Beverly Hills and thought she would be the perfect fit for his band, The NPG. Elisa went on tour with Prince and the NPG from 2009-2014 and the Welcome 2 America tour from 2010-2012. The experiences in the recording studio and singing in the front foyer at Paisley Park are moments that will be ingrained in Elisa’s heart and soul forever. Cherishing the Purple Royalty experience she had not once- but twice in her life.