Episode 166 - Blair Perkins

Always having a burning passion to use music to touch the world, Blair Perkins is realizing that dream with the release of his self-titled debut album.

Los Angeles native, Blair Perkins is a singer-songwriter revolutionizing R&B with his blend of contemporary, modern, and futuristic style of music. This rare talent was honed from days of his youth admiring and studying icons such as Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Usher, and Chris Brown. That inspiration blossomed into a lucrative career that saw the rise of a songwriter and producer responsible for penning Demi Lovato’s platinum selling single, “Made in the USA” and entrepreneur launching his own entertainment company. He also built a brand and name for himself working with mainstream songwriters and producers like James Fauntleroy, Warryn Campbell, Victoria Monet, Tommy Brown, and DJ Camper. His work ethic and dedicated grind to his craft and career has seen the likes of music mogul and pioneer Sean “Diddy” Combs giving him praise.

Blair brought his dreams to fruition by establishing himself on YouTube. With him surpassing 1 million views, his voice was known worldwide.

With the magical minds of Grammy-nominated producers, Blair’s executive produced self-titled album arrived and is sonically breathtaking. Balancing the classical cadence of contemporary R&B with a style perfected and originated by his ability to manipulate sound to his vocal range, Blair has achieved what appears a new definition to R&B. It’s his vocal conviction, his poetic linguistics, his mission to change the world with his voice that makes his debut album something more.

The lead single, “Care 4 Me” prepares the stage for his album to be received. Blair merges flawless vocals, lyrics, and piano together to create a classic record. “Bout It, Bout It”, takes the plunge from the edge of his comfort zone, right into a fresh rendition that combines vocal integrity and style. “Be Alone” is a mid-tempo ballad that was inspired by the DeBarge classic, ‘Stay With Me,’ and the timeless 90’s Hip-Hop sound. Putting the two together, the result is a track that holds both depth and flavor to the listening audience.

From his past and current resume of work, Blair Perkins is on his way to becoming a legend. His grind and talent will raise his name to the ranks of his childhood heroes that inspired him along this path.