Episode 168 - Calla

Nashville-based Calla, 21, is a singer/songwriter and pop artist on the rise. Born and raised in Houston, Calla has spent her life on stage centered around music. She took voice lessons at a young age and taught herself to play piano.  From a young age, Calla and her brother shared a love for Mac Miler and saw him on his GO:OD AM tour in Houston.

Whether singing in competitions, shows, or performing on dance teams as a world champion hip-hop artist, her love of music has been a strong influence throughout her life.

Reflecting on ‘who is Calla,’ it’s best summed up when Voyage Magazine asked her how she navigates life. Calla replied, “I try to live my life with intention and be bold enough to step out of the lines.” 

She is inspired by female musicians like Rihanna, H.E.R. and Demi Lovato. In 2021, Calla released her debut single “Too Nice”, that highlights how it feels to be treated nice in a relationship. 

She is currently working on music with Cash Callaway and Mister AC. Calla will be releasing her next single this summer.