Episode 17 - A-natural

A-natural is an R&B singer, songwriter, and producer who released KWAME in October 2020. The third project and second LP he released last year is his most vulnerable and revealing collection of songs since his 2017 R&B debut, The Chronicles of an Over-Ambitious Fat-Boy.

KWAMÉ was created while in quarantine over a short two-month period, a timeframe A-natural says is the fastest he’s ever worked on a project.

Preceding the album’s release, A-natural released a “2-pack” of singles, “Underwater” (a spicy clapback to a past love who wasted time with false hopes of a relationship), and “No Pressure” (a realization that this past love, and others, behave this way because they haven’t yet embraced who they are). A-natural made sure to bring along a couple of familiar players to the game, employing the songwriting talents of his longtime collaborator and best friend, Lenny Harold on the steamy “An Essay on Consent”, as well as a powerful verse from MC/spoken word artist The IZM on the ever-timely “Captain Oppressor”.

KWAMÉ tackles some tough  topics that are rarely addressed among black male R&B singers. Discussing self esteem on “M.I.M.S.” (make it make sense),  “The First Time” and “A Story of Freedom” where he first gives the listener a “fly on the wall” view of his experience with sexual assault, and failed suicide attempt in his adolescent years. While the content is heavy, A-natural believes that speaking on these topics through music allows truth and honesty to take centerstage in an otherwise hyper-masculinized R&B landscape.