Episode 181 - Zach Day

Growing up in one of the Top 10 poorest counties in America, in the backwoods of Kentucky, Zach Day would regularly skip school to teach himself how to play guitar and sing by examining the subtle nuances of legendary vocalists and songwriters. He would devour songs of all genres and adopted his own style of original works. As a deep love of folk emerged, Zach perfected the art of lyrical storytelling through his beautiful soul bearing voice.

His impossibly technical vocals have proven undeniable as the likes of John Legend, Meghan Trainor, Bon Iver, Brandi Carlile, and so many other brilliant artists and writers have actively followed his musical journey on social platforms. Icons Carole King and Ester Dean have insisted the masses witness Zach’s musical mastery by reposting his incredible covers to their socials.

After signing with Epstein Management Firm, Zach was connected to a multi platinum Canadian producer Alex “Pilzbury” Vujic and together they penned and produced his first single “If It Kills Me”. The future looks bright for Zach, as hundreds of thousands of fans around the world wait in anticipation, as committed believers, following his journey to stardom.