Episode 189 - Lightwater & WILCO

Lightwater and WILCO is an Inspirational/Indie Christian duo striving to impact the world one song at a time. The duo is composed of Sam WILCO, a singer/songwriter and Season 18 contestant of NBC’s The Voice and Lightwater, a prolific writer/rapper from Houston, TX. 

They are both seasoned artists who were brought together by Lightwater’s wife. Through their love for good music, Lightwater and WILCO fused an immediate bond; which has led to them working together musically for the past 8 years. However, their bond goes much deeper than just the music. Their faith and life experiences have drawn them together in a brotherhood that has fueled them with what has become their passionate mission.

Lightwater and WILCO hope to use their music to inspire others, promote unity and love as well as spiritual awareness. Their goal is to “reach for ALL in order to the “win some”.