Episode 191 - D. Lylez

Darious Lyles, also known as D. Lylez. is a native of Chicago’s south side Englewood neighborhood. He started singing at his parent’s church when he was 9 years old, and over time, his talent flourished, eventually leading him to participate on Season 18 of The Voice, ranking Top 24 in the competition. His time on The Voice led him to a nomination for the 2022 Grammys with Chicago group, Ten City. D.Lylez enjoys uniting people and bridging the gap between different generations. In addition, he has a passion for developing a distinctive brand that uplift and inspires others.

D. Lylez values his versatility as an artist, showcasing his singing in a range of genres such as R&B, soul, pop and EDM. In addition to being a singer, he is also a songwriter and producer. Due to his hard work and dedication, he has been blessed to receive recognition by Grammy winning producer Toxic and is signed with Toxic’s production company Blockhouse Studios. In conclusion, D. Lylez has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous music industry legends who have had a significant impact on his career.