Episode 197 - @Dadsgotmoves

Dennis Appel aka @Dadsgotmoves grew up in Brooklyn and lived in the projects until he was 8 years old. His love of dancing started at a young age. Every Saturday morning, Dennis and his siblings would join their mom for a 2 hour dance party, immersing themselves in Soul Train and American Bandstand.

In the 80’s, He enjoyed dancing and club hopping all over Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island. In 2011, Dennis danced to the 1996 hype song “Let Me Clear My Throat” with his daughter, Dominique at her Sweet 16 party and the other partygoers went crazy.

Dominique then started posting videos of him dancing on social media where he built up a large following. Dennis eventually went viral on Barstool Sports with a video of him dancing to “In The Bush” by Musique. He has amassed a loyal following of 172k on TikTok and 72k on Instagram.

Dennis has been featured on The Ellen Show, People Magazine and the NBC show, Dancing With Myself.

He considers himself an untrained improvisational dancer and loves dancing to all genres of music, the funkier the better. Dennis’ fun personality and passion for dancing will put a smile on your face.