Episode 208 - Sophia Galate

Known for her rich tone and sultry voice, Sophia Galaté has created a unique style of music that is both introspective and relatable as it blends with her feel-good melodies.

Sophia Galaté is a singer and musician from Los Angeles, CA who has been singing and performing since she was 6 years old. Prior to her artist debut, she spent a few years managing the careers of other artists in the music industry – Soulection, Pell, Durand Bernarr, but after some time she felt she was being called back to singing. Once she stepped into her own artistry, she seamlessly proved that center stage is where she is destined to be.

Her music is a blend of the sounds that define her life—R&B, Soul, and Jazz. On her debut EP, SOFIA, she’s created a new neo-soul feeling that expresses her confidence in her new-found artistry. Her 2023 single, “Options” is a more upbeat R&B/pop song about exploring the more vulnerable parts of herself. Sofia has been featured on the cover of playlists on TIDAL, Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora

One thing that sets Sophia apart is how captivating and confident she is on stage. She has opened for artists such as JoJo, Kenyon Dixon, Gene Noble, Son Little, Rozzi, and Peter CottonTale on tours and festivals, such as Lollapalooza. She has sold out her own headline shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn, and has already performed various shows throughout the UK. Sofia remains tapped into the emerging R&B/Soul scene through her affiliation with Soulection and her continued collaborations within the collective.