Episode 21 - Dr. Ohms

Fat riffs, blues, and grooves. Dr. Ohms is a heavy-riffin’,hard-groovin, musician / guitarist / singer / producer from Philadelphia. Known as the Grüvsman, Dr. Ohms merges the fat tones and riffs of hard rock with the soulful expression of blues, and the downright tasty grooves of funk.
Bringing his mood dark blues and mean growling guitar riffs to stoner rock projects like STONE HEAD and modern hard rock projects like SIRAVO, Dr. Ohms has stamped his attitude and groove on the Philly music scene. Dr. Ohms and company have opened for acts like SHINEDOWN, EVANESCENCE, POP EVIL, and more.
Dr. Ohms has zeroed in on some new 2020 projects including writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and producing solo tracks in his home studio “The Doctor’s Office”. After his debut release of “Come Together”, a moody, heavy rock reimagining of the Beatles’ classic, Dr. Ohms is set to build his catalog of nasty riffs with his sophomore released in January.