Episode 214 - Allie McIntosh

Catchy hooks, masterful performances on violin, piano, and viola… is there anything singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Allie McIntosh can’t do? With her intricate melodies and thumping kick drum, McIntosh’s most recent release, “Miles On My Broken Heart”, shows an authentic musician with artistic instincts and abilities well beyond her years.

Eighteen-year-old Allie McIntosh has been playing music since the age of four. A bonafide wunderkind, she was excelling at classical violin, viola, and piano by the time she entered middle school; but her musical curiosities extended far beyond the notes on the page. At only nine, her original song Pachyderm Plea was featured in a video by the international elephant and rhino protection NGO the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. From then on, rigorous classical study was paired with explorations on guitar, ukulele, and in Logic Pro.

Allie has performed at legendary venues such as The Apollo Theater in New York and The Peppermint Club in LA. Additionally, she has performed at many Twin Cities venues such as the iconic Paisley Park, The Target Center, Minneapolis Convention Center, The Guthrie Theater, Pryes Brewing, The Parkway, The Ice House, The Treasury and many more. In the summer of 2020, she was selected as the youngest ever participant for NYU’s 2020 Summer Songwriters Workshop, working with legendary writers Phil Galdston, Maia Sharpe, and Barry Eastmond. Additionally, she has been mentored by singer Robin Thicke and vocalist Stevie Mackey. Recently, she was a part of making, producing, and performing a song on the official soundtrack of “Bosco”, a Peacock original movie. Allie is well on her way and is just getting started!