Episode 218 - Ian Santillano

Hailing from Hayward, CA, Ian Santillano burst onto the Bay Area music scene back in 2019 with the drop of his debut single, “Luv,” a captivating track featured on his debut EP, “1856.” Ian rapidly cultivated a loyal following, his live shows showcasing a spectrum of electrifying guitar solos and soul-baring acoustic sets that exposed his deepest emotions.

Fast forward to 2022, Ian’s musical journey reached a significant moment with the release of his first full-length album, “Intropy.” This project was the culmination of three years of dedication, with 12 tracks that he penned, recorded and produced, alongside the collaborative support of his fellow musicians and artistic community. “Intropy” serves as a testament to Ian’s distinctive style as an alternative singer-songwriter, seamlessly blending introspective lyrics with a captivating fusion of soul, folk, and rock influences.

In 2023, Ian released five new projects: the raw and gritty single “Pendulum,” the profoundly intimate “End Of The Earf,” the intricately crafted “Equanimity” featuring unconventional time signatures, the heartfelt collaborative piece “A New Hue,” and the sublime songwriting showcase “Better.” Each release highlighted Ian’s commitment to self-discovery and artistic growth.

Through his recent partnership with Bolo Music Group, a new record label, Ian aims to redefine the narrative surrounding Filipino-American musicians. As 2024 unfolds, Ian maintains his momentum with a dynamic lineup of projects, performances, and creative endeavors.