Episode 31 - Timothy Morris Lane

Timothy Morris Lane is an international recording artist and actor originally from Cleveland, Ohio. While studying in college, he started releasing YouTube videos showcasing his vocal as well as linguistic abilities, which spawned for him an international fan base. After graduating, he moved to Atlanta and began working with Nicci Gilbert of Brownstone and released an EP produced by Marcello Nine, who produced hits for artists like KC & Jojo.

In order to branch out into larger markets, he relocated to Los Angeles and then to New York City. Timothy has worked both nationally and internationally with well-known artists such as David Foster, Rod Stewart, BeBe Winans, Lilias White and more. Living and working in LA, Atlanta, New York, and even Japan allowed him to explore and master singing, acting, and the intertwining of his unique linguistic prowess. Timothy says some of his musical influences are Usher, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Marc Anthony, Hirai Ken, John Legend and Michael Jackson. He is currently writing and recording new music and won’t stop until he has become an international sensation.