Episode 50 - Jon Mullins

Gifted with an “enormous voice that fills up the room” according to Nick Jonas, Jon Mullins’ versatile vocal range and smooth harmonies can easily propel him into the same league as his idols, Sam Smith and Adele. But it’s his soul-bearing, heart pounding disposition that makes him more than just an entertainer for the masses. Not afraid to be vulnerable, Mullins takes his audience on a deep journey with him, constantly seeking truth and humility.
The Pennsylvania native’s move to Nashville to pursue music full time following college in Chattanooga was soon tested, along with his marriage. His wife, Whitney fell and suffered crippling physical and mental setbacks as a result. Through the dark, they relied on their faith and commitment to each other, which in turn, inspired his recent trilogy of singles, reflecting on the stress, frustration, and ultimately, unwavering love and support of that rocky experience. “Better Man” focuses on his vows to see it through for better or worse, “Get To You” deals with the harsh realities of climbing an uphill battle. The final piece, “Survive”, brings about a new light and renewed spirit.
It’s no wonder that his recent stint on NBC’s The Voice gave Kelly Clarkson “chills.” With an intuitive nature and introspective mind, Jon Mullins shatters the glass ceiling of expectations in a smoke and mirrors industry. In the process, he ignites a spark that will burn for a long time to come.