Episode 53 - Liam St. John

Liam St. John is a blues-rock singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Liam wowed Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on season 19 of NBC’s The Voice with his bluesy rendition of “Sex and Candy”. Shelton was impressed by Liam’s versatility in the pocket, his falsetto, and his uninhibited soulful screams. The country star said Liam deserved this opportunity. Ultimately, St. John chose icon, Gwen Stefani, who described his voice as “incredible” and “rich.” 

Before his big break on The Voice, Liam St. John hustled in the trenches of the music industry for years, playing at open mics and empty dive bars. St. John and his band finally broke through with an opportunity to open for the British soul-rock sensation, Jacob Banks and have toured all over the US.

Liam St. John backs his powerhouse vocals with the swagger and passion of a gritty blues singer. His voice is described as smokey, rugged, and classic by the popular music blog, Indie Shuffle, which also declares “the singer’s bluesy, raspy vocals are always commanding.”  Soul-pop-star Meghan Trainor doubles down on Gwen Stefani’s comments, saying Liam is “incredible” and she is perplexed why he isn’t singing at the Grammy’s already. 

A natural performer through and through, St. John is unafraid to let loose and is known best for his vibrant stage presence and captivating energy. Liam’s coach, Gwen Stefani describes him as charismatic and commented on how much she loves his spirit and energy. Kelly Clarkson recognized Liam’s stage presence saying “you are so intense”. 

“Similar to a strong glass of whiskey, Liam St. John’s style won’t grow old or outdated.” – Indie Shuffle