Episode 54 - Broderick Jones

Kansas pop singer, Broderick Jones released his 2014 debut single “Cuddle” and started gaining popularity in his local city. His catchy acoustic tunes helped launch him to the forefront of the Kansas music scene.

In 2016, Broderick was featured on “It’s Different” by Pokemon U, which went viral after being viewed a million times in less than 24 hours. Since then, Broderick’s been featured on countless other successful songs that have racked up to over 34 million views on YouTube alone.

His success helped pave the way for his first EP, “Me”, which was released in 2017. After the release, Broderick’s popularity grew internationally with the help of other features on @QSTNMRKS “Bad For Asking” , @FAREOH “Moonlighting” and @KyleBraun “Give Me Love”.

Broderick took the next year channeling his new found sound of a perfect blend of pop/r&b and rap, which led to his first single “iheard”. “iheard” caught fire with its catchy lyrics and melodies being the perfect single for his 2nd EP “Stories Untold”, with 60,000 all time streams independently.

Broderick released “FaceTime”, a undeniable smash that grew anticipation with the popularity on Spotify playlists and TikTok videos that helped get it to 200k+ plays on Spotify.

In February, Broderick released his 3rd EP, “Maybe Tomorrow”. The album reflects his journey with the sacrifices he’s made to achieve his dreams. With his timeless hits like “FaceTime” and “Where Did You Go”, This record will solidify Broderick Jones as a rising pop star and someone to watch for years to come.