Episode 55 - Reggie Parker

Gospel music lovers know Reggie from his years of touring and recording with such notables as the Reverend Hezekiah Walker and James Hall. R&B and hip-hop fans have heard his distinctive bass lines accompanying Will Smith and Coolio. He has proven himself as an in-demand sideman – now he’s finally stepping into the spotlight on his own.
Growing up in Brooklyn, he took inspiration from the music he heard in church. He also absorbed the classic R&B/pop sounds of Stevie Wonder to Luther Vandross. At age 12, he convinced his parents to buy him an electric bass guitar. Studying the styles of such master bassists as Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke and Jaco Pastorius, Reggie developed his own unique sound. He honed his skills while gigging at Wilson’s in Manhattan. His stint at the club led to live dates with Coolio, Aaron Hall, The Winans and studio sessions with Will Smith (he appears on the hit track “Freakin’ It”). 
By the late ‘90s, Reggie had also secured a reputation as an in-demand bassist with contemporary gospel artists. He toured extensively with the Reverend Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir and appeared on seven albums with the group, Including the Grammy Award-Winning “Live in Atlanta”. His bass intro to “How Much We Can Bear” has inspired many bassists worldwide. He also contributed to live and studio projects by James Hall, Reverend George Searight, Maurette Brown Clark and B.B. Jay.  Reggie’s melodic lines and commitment to the groove made him an asset whether the music was sacred, secular or somewhere in between.
Reggie’s blend of old school substance and 21st Century style makes his music unpredictable, ear-catching and appealing to a wide variety of music fans. It’s all there in the grooves. Reggie’s 2020 release “Black n Beautiful” as well as the rest of his music is available on all digital platforms.