Episode 76 - Caroline Sky

Caroline Sky offers a unique sound in a traditional pop sound space. Ever since her debut on The Voice at age 16, and her Top 50 performance with American Idol this year, judges and audiences alike noticed a sound that combines a multitude of genres: Country, Pop, and R&B. She presents a style that fuses Tori Kelly, Kelsey Ballerini, Ariana Grande, and SZA. The 20 year old singer-songwriter whose talent emanates in each vocal transition demonstrates creative lyricism in each song and offers a unique personal and emotive story in every line.
At just 15 years old, Caroline debuted her EP “Caroline Sky” and gave audiences a hint of what was to come of her incredible talents.  Her songs demonstrate an extreme emotional and vocal maturity often unheard in such a young artist.  Continuously developing as an individual and artist, Caroline has really come into her own, writing songs across different genres.  Her 2020 releases “Paint Me Red” “Leave My Love” “Better Than This” and “Lights On” (produced by Sebastian Sartor, who has created storytelling soundscapes for artists such as Kanye West, Pusha T, and Lizzo), though different genres, provide a new, edgy and raw approach to popular music. 
In 2021, She has continued to offer a rhythmic, sultry, soulful sound and vocal depth that instantly hooks the audience. Her release of “Company” has been her biggest hit to date. Sky’s vocals instantly hypnotize you with raspy and sensual vocal runs that could make Ariana Grande blush. With more music releases and project collaborations, Caroline Sky is a musician to watch this year.