Episode 8 - Sam Pace

Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit is an American Rock n’ Roll band from Austin, TX.  Influenced by blues, soul, roots, rock and reggae- the music grounds itself in groove, tenacity and feel.

Sam’s voice and guitar playing are the signatures of the sound. His booming baritone and soulful growl give the music a robust edge; while his heavy, swinging guitar has been described as “a marriage between Peter Green, early Clapton, and early Hendrix.”

With the release of the band’s third album Judgment Eve in 2018– Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit embarked on a North American Tour comprised of over 60 dates from coast-to-coast.  They also opened for such internationally acclaimed artists as Everlast and Larkin Poe.  In 2019 and 2020, Sam joined Triumph Motorcycles as an Artist in Residence for a three month solo tour which spanned the entire U.S. coast to coast.

“The songwriting and originality of sound is of paramount importance to the band,” says Pace.  Rock n’ roll roots and bluesy, soulful influences are always present- but their variations of theme, groove and emotion encapsulate an entire world of sonic dexterity. “Their three studio albums – The Feelin’ (2012), Rapture (2014), and Judgment Eve (2018) display the growth of the band in full force.”

After three full length albums- the band now focuses on regular single and shorter length EP releases.  2020 has seen the release of “Gone Gone Gone”, “Made It All The Way To San Francisco” and “Tacky & Mediocre”- three vastly different tracks, all embodied with the same foundation and spirit always present in the band’s original material.