Music Picks

I listen to a lot of music and love finding new artists to support. In this section, I’ll be sharing my favorite new releases. Please make sure to follow and support the artists if you’re diggin the music (Which I know you will)

December 2023 Releases

  1. 1. “Tennessee Whiskey” by Austin Giorgio – This classic song is infused with soulful elements for a cool interpretation. Austin was featured on Episode 73 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  2. “Love On U” by Damoyee – With a groovy essence that echoes Daft Punk and Thundercat, this song’s magical instrumental layering is truly captivating. Damoyee was featured on Episode 132 and 192 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  3. “Soulsucka” by Nikka Costa – With Nikka’s raw and fun musical flair, this funky song captures the essence of Prince.
  4. “Flavour of the Month” by Rina Sawayama – This track is a fusion of pop and rock, that radiates an energetic and playful vibe echoing Shirley Manson.
  5. “Feverous” by Alison Goldfrapp & James Greenwood – This EDM song blends cool and uplifting elements, creating an unforgettable musical journey.

November 2023 Releases

  1. “Glad I Found You” by Terrace Martin and Alex Isley – With a mellow R&B feel, Alex’s vocals add an ethereal and dreamy quality.
  2. “why don’t we go” by UMI – A feel-good song with UMI’s refreshing vocals, blending pop and R&B vibes.
  3. “Delightful” by Dinka – A dance tune that’s both chill and groovy, leading you on a spiritual journey.
  4. “Desire” by VITA and Timbaland – This catchy pop/R&B song is elevated by a dope beat courtesy of Timbaland.
  5. “I Believe In Love Again” by Peggy Gou and Lenny Kravitz – This track brings back memories of ’90s house music and it’s cool to hear Lenny collab with another artist.

October 2023 Releases

  1. “On The Floor” by Mayer Hawthorne – Transporting you with its infectious ’70s vibe, This song is like sunshine, bringing joy and happiness.
  2. “Round & Round” by Bob Moses – A dynamic blend of pop and EDM, the lyrics highlight how music connects people on a deeper level.
  3. “Break Me Down” by Jocelyn and Chris – This blues-infused rock anthem is intensified by Jocelyn’s strong and haunting vocal prowess. Jocelyn and Chris were featured on Episode 173 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  4. “My Way” by Timbaland and Anna Margo – The combination of Anna’s incredible vocals and the groovy Timbaland beat makes this song a vibe.
  5. “TK421” by Lenny Kravitz – This song captures the essence of Prince, radiating positivity through its infectious groove.

September 2023 Releases

  1. “Keep Going Up” by Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake – With a dope beat by Timbaland, this catchy song embodies the journey of self-improvement and getting better in all areas of life.
  2. “One More Time” by Kylie Minogue – An upbeat and fun tune featuring a chorus infused with nu-disco vibes.
  3. “Through The Night” by Maeta, Free Nationals, Alex Chapman, Zhone – An energetic EDM track infused with funky vibes and an incredible beat. Maeta’s vocals are a perfect blend of angelic and powerful energy.
  4. “Better Place” by *NSYNC – The upbeat and funky chorus infuses this pop song with feel-good vibes. LOVE that *NSYNC finally reunited!
  5. “Who Is Hurting Who” by Tara Hack and Joe Killington – This fun track takes me back to the catchy house music of the ’90s. Tara was featured on Episode 26 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
August 2023 Releases
  1. “Tension” by Kylie Minogue – This song is a burst of energy, with its catchy and vibrant pop vibes.
  2. “Fragmentation” by Paul Van Dyk – A melodic trance song with a powerful impact that takes you on a captivating journey.
  3. “Lipstick” by Charlie Puth – The retro, dreamy, and chill vibes in this track are like a breath of fresh air. And the groove is awesome!
  4. “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” by Mark Knight and James Hurr – This 2001 classic from Modjo got a makeover, thanks to Mark’s infusion of lively house beats.
  5. “Look At Me” by Cory Wong and Allen Stone – I’m loving this track! It’s filled with good vibes and funky rhythms. Such a dope collab between Cory and Allen.
July 2023 Releases
  1. “Do It All Again” by Lauren Spencer Smith – This moving ballad dives deep into the emotions of a challenging breakup, ultimately leading to her empowerment. Lauren was featured on Episode 65 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  2. “What You Need” by Steve Angello – With its melodic undertones and striking beats, this house track hits hard.
  3. “I Remember (John Summit Remix) by Deadmau5 & Kaskade – A contemporary, upbeat, and vibrant remix that breathes new life into this 2008 hit.
  4. “ICU Remix” by Coco Jones with Justin Timberlake – A soulful R&B slow jam that showcases the incredible voices of Coco and Justin.
  5. “Pocket (Diamond Cut)” by Diamond Café – This soulful masterpiece is a testament to the everlasting influence of Prince.
June 2023 Releases
  1. “Easy” by Arei Moon – Starting as a dreamy ballad, featuring Arei’s angelic vocals. The second verse introduces a captivating downtempo groove. Arei was featured on Episode 49Episode 140Episode 179 and Episode 196 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  2. “If You Leave Me” by Niall Horan – Embracing a laid-back and retro ambiance, this song sets the ideal tone for a chill vibe-out session.
  3. “(I Don’t Need A) New Girl” by Chromeo – A love story in the style of nu-disco, where past letdowns can’t dim the groove.
  4. “Sherwood Forest” by Nora En Pure – Begins with a slow build and transitions into mesmerizing deep house grooves, taking listeners on an unforgettable journey.
  5. “Invisible Battles” by Carolina Rial – An emotionally charged, raw ballad, filled with vulnerability and honesty. Carolina was featured on Episode 98Episode 143Episode 172 and Episode 185 of Vibin With Ashley Live. 

May 2023 Releases

  1. “Dance The Night” by Dua Lipa – A fun, upbeat and catchy nu disco song featured in the new Barbie movie.
  2. “Prime (2012 Unfinished)” by Daft Punk – A retro song featuring synth elements that capture the essence of Tron vibes. I can definitely hear this in an 80’s movie.
  3. “Gravity” by Brielle Von Hugel – With Brielle’s exceptional vocal prowess, this ballad unfolds as a masterpiece, immersing listeners in its beauty and evoking powerful emotions. Brielle was featured on Episode 75Episode 135 and Episode 170 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  4. “Look At Me” by Cory Wong and Allen Stone – This combo of Cory and Allen is perfection, this vibrant and groovy track showcases their incredible chemistry together.
  5. “But Here We Are” by Foo Fighters – A rock song that strikes the perfect balance between melody, catchiness and emotional depth.
April 2023 Releases
  1. “Headache” by Julia Cooper – With its upbeat tempo, mesmerizing vocals, and heartfelt lyrics, this pop song showcases incredible production and instrumentals that elevate it to a whole new level.
  2. “Begin Again” by Jessie Ware – Infused with the zest of Brazil, this nu disco gem captures the essence of celebration.
  3. “Unstoppable” by Daniel Caesar – This song embodies a soothing blend of downtempo R&B, creating a mesmerizing and relaxed vibe.
  4. “Room of Mirrors” by Metallica – This rock anthem delivers an explosive blend of hard-hitting guitar riffs and energy.
  5. “Forever” by Everything but the Girl – This synth-pop track starts mellow and then transforms into a catchy and slower groove.

March 2023 Releases

  1. “Naked” by Adi Oasis & Leven Kali – This song is a funky, groove-filled masterpiece that channels the electrifying vibes of Thundercat and Erykah Badu. It’s a musical experience that captivates with its soulful energy.
  2. “In This Life” by Satin Jackets – This track effortlessly combines laid-back vibes with Hed Kandi grooves, delivering an empowering message through its soothing sounds.
  3. “All Mine” by Kali Uchis – This R&B track is a smooth and dreamy journey that captivates with its soothing melodies.
  4. “Still Alive” by Demi Lovato – Demi’s melodic and powerful vocals amplify the energy of this contagious rock anthem from the Scream 6 movie.
  5. “Someone Else’s Blood” by Jocelyn and Chris – Jocelyn’s captivating voice, both dreamy and powerful, shines in this track. Jocelyn and Chris were featured on Episode 173 of Vibin With Ashley Live.

February 2023 Releases

  1. “Too Much Music’” by Jake Shears – With groovy basslines and disco-inspired melodies, this nu disco track is a celebration of joy and happiness.
  2. “Lottery” by Lotto & LU KALA – This catchy track is the perfect way to brighten up your day. The good vibes and positive energy are contagious.
  3. “Best Friend Breakup” by Lauren Spencer Smith – With its vulnerable lyrics and heartfelt melody, this ballad captures the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to a close friend. Lauren was featured on Episode 65 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  4. “Changes” by Harvey Sutherland – This dance track is the perfect fusion of groovy beats and chilled out vibes, it’s like stepping into a Brooklyn warehouse.
  5. “I Want You” by Peking Duk featuring Darren Hayes – This dance remix puts a fresh spin on Savage Garden’s classic hit from 1997, giving it new life for a whole new generation of music lovers. 

January 2023 Releases

  1. “Coming of Age Heartbreak” by Carolina Rial – This vulnerable ballad possesses a cinematic quality that is truly captivating. Carolina was featured on Episode 98Episode 143Episode 172 and Episode 185 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  2. “Leave It Alone” by Andrew Hagar – This melodic rock anthem is the perfect blend of power and emotion. With its compelling lyrics and thunderous instrumentation, this track is sure to resonate with fans of hard rock.
  3. “No God” by Sam Smith – This captivating and melodic ballad is a true showcase of Sam’s talent, with its simple melody and heartfelt lyrics that resonates with listeners.
  4. “CAN’T GO HOME” by Tayrell, Nic Hanson, Elijah Fox – This feel good nu disco track is lively, funky and sure to put you in a good mood.
  5. “Amazing #141” by Devin Tracy – This track is a perfect combination of musical fusion with groovy beats and soulful melodies working together to showcase Devin’s angelic voice.