Music Picks

I listen to a lot of music and love finding new artists to support. In this section, I’ll be sharing my favorite new releases. Please make sure to follow and support the artists if you’re diggin the music (Which I know you will)

December 2022 Releases

  1. “Simple Step” by Vulfpeck and Antwaun Stanley – This upbeat song mixes jazz, funk and soul
  2. “Crying At The Discoteque” by Discotron & Sandy’s Groove – This nu disco track samples “Spacer” by Sheila and I can’t get enough of it
  3. “When I Talk” by Deadmau5, Kaskade & Elderbrook – Such a huge fan of the elements Deadmau5 and Kaskade bring to this track
  4. “’79” by The Motet – A groovy track with futuristic vibes that remind me of Jamiroquai
  5. “Crazy” by Natalie Jane – Natalie covers this classic song by Ceelo and brings it to a whole other level
November 2022 Releases
  1. “AVA” by Natalie Jane – A vulnerable and honest pop song about calling out the guy she’s seeing
  2. “Double Back” by Coco Jones – This R&B song gives me all the feels and samples SWV’s 90’s hit “Rain”
  3. “Devil in a Dress” by Teddy Swims – A soulful pop anthem. Teddy’s voice gives me Chris Stapleton and Allen Stone vibes
  4. “Don’t Wanna Know” by Yuna – This song is such a chill groove. Reminds me of a sunny day
  5. “Married To Money” by Brandy Haze – This feel good catchy song makes you wanna dance
October 2022 Releases
  1. “No More Drama” by Charlie Puth – I am obsessed with this song! It’s so catchy and talks about feeling empowered after a breakup
  2. “Red Light” by Orianthi – A hard hitting rock anthem with a killer guitar solo
  3. “Hot Minute” by Moon Boots and Black Gatsby – A feel good nu disco groove that makes you wanna dance
  4. “Tears of Joy” by Leven Kali – This R&B song gives me Silk Sonic vibes and reminds me of a sunny day
  5.  “Get With You Tonight” by Mark Knight and Lukas Setto – A fun and upbeat song with nu disco vibes

September 2022 Releases
  1. “If It Kills Me” by Zach Day – Zach’s powerful debut single is catchy and reminds me of Duffy’s  “Mercy”. Zach was featured on Episode 32Episode 109 and Episode 181 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  2. “Guy Like Me” by John Legend – This feel good song gives me Robin Thicke vibes
  3. “Raining in LA” by Franc Moody – An upbeat nu-disco track with elements of Basement Jaxx
  4. “Hollywood” by Droid Bishop – Throwing it back with 80’s synth pop vibes
  5. “Freedom” by Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, Envyro – A hard hitting dance anthem that makes me feel like I’m watching a movie

August 2022 Releases

  1. “In A Second” by Jon Mullins – A vulnerable and powerful pop ballad with Sam Smith vibes. Jon was featured on Episode 50 of Vibin With Ashley Live
  2. “Make Me Say It Again, Girl” by The Isley Brothers and Beyonce – This melodic ballad was originally released in 1975 and I love the magic Beyonce brings to it
  3. “Poison” by Hot Since 82 – A deep house groove that samples the 1990 hit by Bell Biv Devoe
  4. “No One Walks Away” by JODA – Starts off with dream like vibes and then flows into 80’s synth pop mixed with trance
  5. “Hold Me Closer” by Elton John and Britney Spears – An upbeat dance track that reinvents Elton’s song “Tiny Dancer”

July 2022 Releases

  1. “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” by Lizzo – This track has an 80’s retro pop vibe with an honest and powerful message
  2. “Cuff It” by Beyonce – A fun, feel good nu disco anthem about enjoying a night out
  3. “Lose Control” by OFFAIAH feat Guilty Empress – A hard hitting edm track that makes you want to fist pump
  4. “Smoke” by AJ McLean – Funky and soulful, gives me Robin Thicke vibes
  5. “Narcissist” by Lauren Spencer Smith – A powerful and vulnerable pop ballad about being played in a relationship. Lauren was featured on Episode 65 of Vibin With Ashley Live. 

June 2022 Releases

  1. “Shape Of Your Heart” by JODA, Above & Beyond, Darren Tate – 80’s synth pop vibes and elements of Daft Punk.
  2. “Enough” by Brielle Von Hugel – A beautiful and emotion filled ballad. Brielle was featured on Episode 75Episode 135 and Episode 170 of Vibin With Ashley Live. 
  3. “Morrison” by Lauren Frihauf – A soulful and groovy anthem with a killer guitar solo. Lauren was featured on Episode 68Episode 128 and Episode 177 of Vibin With Ashley Live. 
  4. “XYZ” by Deadmau5 – This track takes you on a journey with a mix of hard hitting and melodic beats.
  5. “Break My Soul” by Beyonce – This is my anthem for 2022! The melody reminds me of “Show Me Love” by Robin S and is such a powerful message for female empowerment. 

May 2022 Releases

  1. “Supermodel” by Maneskin – A melodic and catchy pop rock song.
  2. “Tell Me It’s Not Over” by The Shapeshifters & Adi Oasis – This track is filled with nu-disco and funky vibes. I’m a big fan of both of these artists and loving this collab!
  3. “Work My Body” by Nicky Romero – An upbeat house anthem. Definitely gives off late night in Miami vibes.
  4.  “Higher” by Christian Guardino – An inspiring ballad with Christian’s soulful vocals.
  5. “Blutooth” by Blu DeTiger and Chromeo – Another collab that I’m excited for! Dreamy, funky and groovy vibes.

April 2022 Releases

  1. “J.A.M. (Just A Minute)” by Cory Wong & Chromeo – A funky and feel good groove. Lots of 70’s influences with the horns and bass line.
  2. 2. “Different” by Brandon Showell – A soulful R&B track. Brandon’s vocals are dreamy and captivating. Brandon was featured on Episode 61 and Episode 149 of Vibin With Ashley Live. 
  3. “Paradise” by Pimps of Joytime and Carol C – A chill downtempo vibe. Reminds me of a sunny day in Brooklyn.
  4. “What A Lie” by Justine Skye – An honest ballad about being cheated on and Justine finding the strength to move on.
  5. “She Was Here” by Crystal Lewis & Tori Kelly – A melodic anthem about female empowerment. I love how their powerful voices compliment each other.

March 2022 Release

  1. “Always Do” by Above & Beyond and Mat Zo – A fun trance anthem that gives off Miami vibes.
  2. “Escape” by Deadmau5 & Kaskade – Hayla’s vocals take this track to the next level and I love the melodic grooves.
  3. “Iced Tea” by Joyce Wrice and Kaytranada – This r&b song is chill and refreshing like a glass of cold ice tea.
  4.  “Under The Moon” by Alex Isley & Jack Dine – This sounds like a 2022 Isley Brothers ballad. Alex’s voice is beautiful and soulful.
  5. “Vapour” by Markus Schulz – A hard hitting and upbeat trance song with industrial vibes.

February 2022 Releases

  1. “Redlight” by Swedish House Mafia & Sting – A fist pumping dance anthem with industrial vibes that samples “Roxanne” by The Police.
  2. “What I Like” by Amanda Belair – A funky and soulful anthem of female empowerment. Amanda was featured on Episode 154 of Vibin With Ashley Live.
  3. “Who Do You Love” by Arty & Rozzi – An upbeat and fun dance song with Rozzi’s powerful vocals.  
  4. “Free” by Sister Sledge featuring Sledgendary – A nu disco and funky song about overcoming difficult times.
  5. “UNISEX” by Shaun Ross and Amber Mark – A dreamy downtempo dance song. Shaun and Amber’s vocals play so well off each other.

January 2022 Releases

  1. “Sacrifice” by The Weeknd – A catchy and futuristic dance song with elements of disco.
  2. “Freedom” by Nelson Cade III – Nelson’s debut single is a passionate and soulful anthem. He was featured on “Vibin With Ashley Live” Episode 4 , Episode 101 and Episode 137
  3. “Feel Like That” by Matt Cusson & Marie Dahlstrom – This gives me early 2000’s neo-soul vibes with incredible harmonies. Matt was featured on Episode 37 and Episode 133 of “Vibin With Ashley Live”.  
  4. “Love Brand New” by Bob Moses – A downtempo, melodic groove with industrial vibes.  
  5. “Lost Myself” by Eric Krasno – This song gives me 70’s funk vibes. Loving the instrumentation!